PDD-Rice Millers Association; established 1998 and is the only and most complete representative body of the Turkish rice millers industry.

Members of Rice Millers Association ; representing about % 80 of the  firms operating in the sector.

PDD, is the become a leading non-governmental and non-profit organization; representing its members companies, on both national and international platforms, protecting its members and creating its members rights, acting proactively in developments and governmental regulatory applicable to the industry.

PDD, powered by the strong unity within the Association is; develop the Turkish rice millers industry as a whole, by supporting its members and creating necessary conditions and environment in which Turkish rice millers industry will be a leading supplier zone in the world rice millers market.

In order to realize the vision and mission of our Association have identified the most important strategy, given the problems faced by our members to move platforms, which we develop our proposals for solving the problems, and share them with the relevant public organizations to contribute to the development of the sector.

PDD by communicating and cooperating with the industry related corporations and associations at highest level, performs the lobby activities in order to insure its rights of its members.

PDD is the member of TGDF-Turkey Food and Drink Industry Federation and UHK-National Grains Council.